big taste grill

At the moment, the Big Taste Grill is on a short hiatus. Did you know the Big Taste Grill has been in operation for over 25 years, grilling up the great taste of Johnsonville sausages from coast to coast? In that time, Johnsonville has raised over $4 million for charities across the nation, with a big emphasis on direct support for local charities and causes in the communities that we visit. When you see the Big Taste Grill on the road or cooking up flavorful sausage, stop by for a bite and say hi to our Grillmasters! 

Big Taste Grill
March of Dimes
Speedway Charities
United Way
Hope Farm
American Cancer Society
Beyond Boundaries


It’s Not Your Average Backyard BBQ

Discover the incredible impact of Johnsonville’s Big Taste Grill Program. Providing more than just tasty tailgate sausages at special events and retail locations across the country, the Big Taste Grill also raises money for local charities. At each event, the Big Taste Grill partners with a non-profit organization to raise money for their cause through product sales. 

To date, the Big Taste Grill program has raised more than $4 million for a variety of charities nationwide, many of them local community organizations. The Big Taste Grill program exemplifies the power of food and community coming together for a greater good.

Garage Space

The Big Taste Grill is 20 feet tall, a whopping 65 feet long and 6 feet in diameter. Just to park it you need a space that is 20 feet by 90 feet!

That’s A Big Lid!

The 6,000 pound lid with an 8-foot handle is opened using a hydraulic system, giving access to 440,000 BTUs, which is needed to grill the 1/2 ton of Johnsonville Sausages held in the onboard fridge

Ultimate Grill

The Ultimate Grill

How many sausages can you eat? The Big Taste Grill can cook 2,500 sausages an hour or 750 sausages at a time on its 40 square feet of grilling surface. That’s enough to keep a festival satisfied for a while!


Hot & Cold Running Water

The Big Taste Grill sports hot and cold running water, a huge clean-up sink and a frosty cold refrigeration unit. Do you know any luxury cars that have that?

4′ Walkway

To give the chefs plenty of room to move about as they grill the flavorful sausage, the grill has a 4 foot aluminum walkway along its border.

Keep It Fun. Keep It Together.

Keep your plates full, keep your tables fuller, and whatever you do, don’t forget to keep it juicy.

Keep it Juicy