Coin Slicing Sausage

Anyone can add more flavor to just about anything with coin-sliced sausage. We recommend the slices be cut at a 45 degree angle. Why? While it may be easier to cut the sausage into coins without the angled cut, doing so this way gives you more surface area for a better sear and helps boost presentation. It also gives more opportunity for a delicious caramelized exterior and a juicy interior. Cha-ching!

The How-To:

A simple way to get more mileage out of your Johnsonville Sausage is to cut them into slices. That makes it easier to add to your favorite recipes, while also allowing you to savor every single bit of pure Johnsonville goodness. Explore new recipe possibilities, unleash your creativity, and relish in the pure goodness of Johnsonville in every bite. 

A simple way to get more mileage out of your Johnsonville Sausage is to cut them into slices.

Cooked Sausage

Cutting a cooked sausage is quick and easy. Since the sausage is already prepared, you can slice the sausage whenever the time is right.

  1. Prepare sausage according to package instructions
  2. When sausages are done, place them onto a cutting board
  3. Cut the sausage diagonally at a 45 degree angle
  4. Sausage coins are generally between ½” to 1” thick, but can be made thinner or thicker as needed

Uncooked Sausage

Slicing uncooked sausage is easier if you put it in the freezer first. This will also help the sausage retain moisture while cooking. Preparing uncooked sausage coins will give an added bonus of having a mouthwatering, caramelized texture on each side of the sausage.

  1. Put uncooked sausage in the freezer for 15-20 minutes
  2. Once the sausages are firm, transfer to a cutting surface
  3. Cut the sausage at a 45 degree angle, to your desired thickness
  4. Prepare sausage as needed, according to package instructions

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Keep your plates full, keep your tables fuller, and whatever you do, don’t forget to keep it juicy.

Keep it Juicy